Sata booed at Independence celebrations

We always insist on telling the truth. We always insist on integrity and honesty. When Sata was talking about 90 days, we cautioned against that kind of talk. The man kept on talking about the flyover bridge.

Sata made this bed of thorns and should sleep in it. Sata is scoring a lot of negative firsts. The first President to have been embarrassed in front of his friend Mugabe as youths asked for the jobs he promised.

The first President to have nominated more MPs than the constitution allows. The first President who has NEVER held a press conference in two years, his own cabinet was appointed in a closed room. The first time under his Presidency when the Agriculture Show and International Trade Fair had to be opened by someone else and not a head of state. The first President to have been booed, two years into power.

We are not surprised. Why? The reason is simple, Sata lied. Instead of owning up and going back to the people he lied to, and ask for forgiveness, he goes back to rub in. When was Sata last in Kitwe? Yet he got over 80% of his vote from there. What kind of leader is this?

We blame Sata’s handlers, that have been lying to him that the man is still popular. When Luxon Kazabu was almost lynched in Wusakile, that should have been a sign for Sata and his PF. Sata goes to Kitwe, and 42 kilometers away contracts for local contractors have been cancelled. What did he expect? A rousing welcome? Naivety!

In what has become a trademark of the PF, instead of addressing the issue, Sata went ahead and accused UPND about his circumstances. He again ran away from addressing the real problem. The real problem bakateka is youths that are dejected, they have no jobs, they have no livelihood shikulu.

Much as UPND has done its homework on Copperbelt, those that booed you were the same people that were pouring beer on Frank Bwalya at Flava FM. These are the same people that almost lynched HH when he went to Chisokone market. These are the same people that Sata was telling to deal with Mumbi on election day.

Do we sympathise with Sata? We wish we could, but we can’t. He is not remorseful. Sata assumes infallibility, he assumes some godly status and thinks he can never be wrong, everyone else around him can be wrong but he is beyond wrong. His pride is what is slowly eating into him, surrounded by whimpering men and women, you have a cocktail of sorts whose portent could be worse than that of the atomic bomb.

Sata needs prayers and not sympathy or anything else. Unfortunately he is the proverbial have eyes but cannot see. If it was in biblical times Sata would have been the man in Mark 8:22-24. As for other politicians, promise little, deliver more.

Source: UPND Media