Sata bans ministers, govt officials with bald heads from seeing him

Sata at some rituals in Eastern province before 2011 polls
Ailing  dictator  Michael Sata has now banned any government ministers and officials from seeing him if they have bald heads.
State House sources say Mr. Sata does not allow anybody around him to have bald head and his reactions to such people can usually be very ugly and has so far resulted in instant dismissals or transfers.
In what clearly looks like some witchcraft on his part, Mr. Sata never misses publicly criticising or ridicule people with bald heads at any occasion, the latest being at the African Union where he again made reference to people with bald heads in the presence of South African president Jacob Zuma who spots a bald head.
Most of Mr. Sata’s senior officials who used to have bald heads have now been forced to have some afro hair for them to keep their jobs.