Sata backtracks on his pay hike, throws challenge to Opposition MPs

Sensing strong opposition from the citizens, Zambia’s President Michael Sata who had increased his salary by 10 percent now says he is ready to fore-go the increment.

President Sata earlier in the week refused to take the blame on his pay hike saying it was the Parliamentary Committee that made the decision. He said the Committee comprise Members of Parliament from opposition parties who are trying to come out ‘smart’ before the citizens. 

According to Zambian constitution, the decision still needed to be concerted by the President to be law. So President Sata just like his predecessors has the powers to reject the decision.

While in opposition Sata who potrayed himself as a pro-poor leader strongly condemned the move then by MMD government increase President and Constitution Office Holders’ salaries.

President Sata’s Home Affairs Minister, Edgar Lungu said the President is willing to fore-go the 10 percent hike and has now challenged Opposition MPs to do the same.

According to Lungu, the Opposition MPs who were consulted indicated that, they actually needed more than 10 percent increment and are not ready to fore-go it..