‘Sata and presidential etiquette are miles apart’

By Edmond Lifwekelo
There was no need for President Michael Sata to tell the nation that he dropped Ben Phiri as Permanent Secretary because of poor health. This is discrimination of the worst order for people living with medical conditions.
If truly Ben Phiri is sick, didn’t Sata notice this when he swore him in? All of us know the condition of my former Boss Mr Max Nkole when he went to be sworn in as Permanent Secretary for Home Affiars. He walked in on crutches! And at that time Sata even joked that he didn’t know Nkole was sick but promised him that he will get better after settling in his new job.
And true Nkole threw away his crutches just four months on the job. Am surprised activists groups are quiet over Sata’s treatment of Ben Phiri. That’s the man we call “President” ladies and Gentlemen.
And its not the first time Sata is making careless statements about the sick. Remember when he was Minister of health in Frederick Chiluba’s era he made a statement that caused protests when he said people living with HIV and Aids are people living maximum lives with minimum responsibility?
That’s Sata for you lying that he cares for you.