Sata accuses his Foreign Minister of ‘leaking’ information

President Micheal Sata on Monday castigated Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Efron Lungu for allegedly leaking information meant for him alone to other government officials.

Mr. Sata  said he was disappointed when he received a letter from Dr. Lungu that was also copied to the Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Margaret Miyoba. He said he did not even read the letter but shreds it since it had already been seen by someone else.

President Sata who has been in politics from the 80s said he was seeing this for the first time where the letter to the Head of State is also copied to other government officials.

The President said it was unnecessary for government officials to copy letters addressed to him to other officers. President Sata has since urged government officials to maintain confidentiality in their correspondence. He noted that even Permanent Secretaries were guilty of this offence.

The President was speaking when he appeared after weeks of not seen public today when he swore in Keiza Zulu as State House Permanent Secretary.