Sata accuses HH, Nevers of bewitching him and teases KK

President Michael Sata has claimed that two opposition leaders – Hakainde Hichilema and Nevers Mumba would want to see him dead to the extent  of trying to bewitch him.

Addressing dozens of workers during the commemorations of Labour Day in Lusaka today, May 1, 2013, President Sata told workers that the two opposition leaders were ashamed to be part of the celebrations because of their lies that he is dying.

“HH and Nevers have been telling lies that I am dying,” Sata said and asked. “Does a dying man look like this? And even if I dropped dead today, we have many able leaders in PF .”

He accused the two leaders of going to the extent of bewitching him which he said has also failed.

“Their witchcraft cannot match the witchcraft in Mpika,” charged President Sata.

The President challenged the two leaders who head the two biggest opposition parties in the country to put politics aside if they aspire to lead the country by attending national events which himself never did.

President Sata also mocked First President Kenneth Kaunda who was at the event. He started his address by teasing Dr. Kaunda whom he said used to think would rule the country for ever. Sata said KK who just turned 89 cannot boast to him of having lived longer as he was just 13 years older than him.

He told the gathering that he was an experienced politician who begun his political career from a councilor rising through the ranks as Governor, Minister and now President.   He reminded Dr. Kaunda how he told the nation that he (Sata) was not a presidential material.

In 2006 tripartite elections, Dr. Kaunda told Zambians not to vote for Sata as he did not possess presidential qualities. He said Sata was better working under someone and not to be the top man.

President Sata also mocked KK about his bold head and some male Zambians who cut their hair. He said God did not create man to have no hair. He urged men to keep their hair just like women.

On workers plight, President Sata said his government had done alot to uplift the workers conditions of service. He cited the minimum wage which he said government had raised from K1 million to K3million. He urged workers match the high pay with hard work.

The President also said his government had created over a thousand jobs and will continue to do so through infrastructure development projects. He saluted the Police for hard work and urged the Zambian Army to remain focused even when the country was not at war.