Sampa raps tax evaders

FINANCE Deputy Minister Miles Sampa has described the tax avoidance that is robbing Zambians of development resources as a “cancer” that must be stopped immediately, to enhance development in all parts of the country. Mr Sampa said a team of experts will soon be engaged to look at ways of curbing the scourge, practised mostly by international companies such as mines operating in Zambia with parent companies abroad.
The deputy minister said this in an e-mailed statement from Harvard University in the United States where he has been invited to speak on key economic development issues affecting Africa in general and Zambia in particular in his capacity as a serving deputy minister.”Tax avoidance is a cancer to our economy and national development,” Mr Sampa said.”We have taken the first steps in the 2013 budget in curbing tax avoidance by taxing income due to external consultants and also by amortising tax rebates on capital investments.