Samfya farmers using handheld sprayers to control ticks


LIVESTOCK farmers in Samfya are relying on tick grease and handheld sprayers to control ticks in cattle because dip tanks in the area have broken down, district veterinary and livestock development officer Kenneth Chawinga has disclosed.

According to Dr Chawinga, Samfya has dip tanks in Lubwe, Munyimbwe, Chitembo, Mwewa and Kaongwe areas but all the facilities were not functioning, forcing farmers to use grease and handheld sprayers to save their animals from contracting tick-borne diseases.

He observed that the government’s plans to introduce compulsory dipping of animals would ease pressure on farmers as all existing infrastructure would be renovated.

Dr Chawinga noted that communal dipping would solve the problems livestock farmers were facing in the area as it would provide easy access to extension services.