Sakala’s party members to camp at State House

Edwin Sakala’s ZDDM party has announced that it will picket State House and demand to meet President Michael Sata to press for him to have a meeting with Leaders of the Opposition.

In a statement, Sakala brother to Richard former State House Press Aide said his party will camp at State House until they are given an opportunity to meet President Sata.

“In the spirit of national unity, and after conceited consultations with other opposition party leaders, we have agreed to picket President Michael Sata at State house and we shall camp at State house grounds until he sees us,” stated Sakala.

Sakala said its high time a meeting of President is held in Zambia to discuss the challenging issues facing the country. He said the meeting will be limited to the Presidents with and  their Secretary Generals.

“We have agreed on this with a number of fellow opposition parties and are still reaching out to those that we have not been able to reach yet because our aim is to have all the presidents of opposition parties sharing our serious concern on the plight of the majority population being dehumanized and suffering and dying in alarming numbers unnecessarily all because of our culture of dwelling on politics of hate and bickering,” said Saakala.
He stated that he was aware that that some political parties may feel that this is not a good idea .

“We shall not force them to join us because a good number of those spoken to agree and feel camping at State house will sent a message to President Michael Sata that, contrary to his
assertions that we are bent on making this country ungovernable, we are for peace and unity as there is simply no justification for the current widespread suffering in our nation which God has blessed with abundant natural wealth and manpower,” Sakala said.

Sakala explained that Zambia has all the resources and everything to make it one of the
leading countries on the African continent but all this potential is being lost because of the deeply rooted anti-Christ spirit of hate and failure to work together as a people.
“We can not continue watching a few people treating themselves as if they are more Zambian than the majority population and sharing our national wealth among them selves while we watch because Zambia belongs to all of us,” he said. ” This is the reason why we have put two things on the agenda of the meeting we seek to have with the president.”

We want to discuss the constitution and state of the nation with the head of state that together, we can come up with the solution to address these issues that have generated too much tension, division, unemployment and lack of a common vision in this country.

Reflecting on the current culture of hate and division we have developed as a nation, we feel thing will only become more unbearable if we don’t dialogue. We have always wanted to dialogue with out brothers from the ruling, party but out efforts have been frustrated by the same people we want to help find a solution to the problems the nationisfacing.”

We agree with the people that feel time has come to deal with issues as a nation. If we don’t resolve the issues affecting us as a nation today, posterity will harshly judge us.”

Sakala has appealed to all Political parties to put behind all political interest and focus on national building.

“What we need is to get rid of our number one enemy which is poverty and hunger and we can only do this if we have the help of the people with the instrument of power. Let us live
by the old saying which state, United we stand  and divided we fall,” said Sakala. “Zambia is right now at a very dangerous break or make cross road where we have no choice but to work together as one people by putting aside our personal and partisan interest. Let us for a change make national interest and welfare of the majority suffering and perishing population as a priority.”

“It is our prayer that President Sata is going to realize that we all need to work together in national interest as nobody has a monopoly of wisdom,” concluded Sakala in his statement.