Sakala writes Chief Nzamane over Eastern province Indaba

For Attention of His Highness Senior Chief Nzamane.
The Chairman
Eastern Province Royal Foundation
Bayete Nkosi
Our duly registered political party which is among the oldest political parties in Zambia is very happy to learn about the 23rd November, 2013 meeting in Chipata .It is our prayer that all key stakeholders including all the Chiefs in the province, former Members of Parliament and prominent Easterners will gather and discuss the future of the province and its people.
As indicated in our last letter of concern to the EPRF, there is an URGENT need for the foundation to address the trend in Zambia where Easterners are always used as sacrificial lambs and punch bags by political leaders. Our people should not always be paraded in courts for political convenience.
This has been happening because Easterners have continued to be a much divided lot. Chiefs who are supposed to protect their subjects seem to be more interested in seeking personal favors than ensuring that their subjects are justly treated. There are several injustices which can be sighted.
Above all , it is ZDDM’s prayer that Eastern Province can come up with resolutions which can help government identify proper priorities .The so called 8000 km road link is not only opening our treasure chest to foreigners but misplaced because what Zambia needs is a program to repair already existing infrastructure and building agriculture which is the main stay of the people.
We expected government to make production a priority to not only create real and genuine jobs but improve the quality of life of the majority population instead of exposing our mineral reserves to foreigners when we are failing to get a benefit from the existing mines where our national wealth is being milked by so called investors.
Zambia needs to put in many corrective measures in place to consolidate control before bring in foreigners who will only milk our nation. The current lack of a nationalistic spirit and treating our nation like a public toilet must be addressed as we can not on with the current situation and primitive politics of pulling each other down and bickering to continue at the expense of our land and lives of the people.
Zambians need a mental revolution to wake up to the fact that Zambia is for Zambians and that they share a common responsibility of building this nation instead of ever bickering and insulting each other which has allowed the country to be treated like a no mans land where foreigners come and go at will and even insult citizens.
W e must feel sorry for ourselves that Zambia is a very rich country but the majority populations of citizens continue to be dehumanized and live an animal like existence of suffering and dying as if the country is at war while a few citizens holding power continue to live a New York AND Washington life.
Eastern province for example has potential to open more than seven big mines which cannot only create thousands of jobs for the young people vending on the streets of our towns but turn the province into an industrial giant but all this is not possible because of the current system where citizens even feel proud of undressing each other daily.
Nkhosi, our late Mbuya Chama Chamboka was not crazy when he kept saying that Zambians are suffering in the midst of abundant wealth because the truth is that foreigners are busy ferrying tons of gold, emeralds and other precious stone and acquiring our land while we the people of Zambia are busy insulting each other.
This concern is mutual and felt across the country as can be seen from the unnecessary turn of events in Western Province and the spirit of anger we found in the North western province where we had gone last week to launch our ‘OPERATION SAVE ZAMBIA BEFORE ITS TOO LATE’
The levels of poverty and under development we saw there are similar to that of Eastern province. Forty-nine years after independence one is strike with a deep sense of disappointment to see that poverty related funerals have became the order of the day and women dressed in Vigamba exposing their breasts while leaders in  Lusaka shamelessly  award themselves huge salary increments.
As every Zambian is aware ZDDM has been knocking at the gate of State House in vain calling for inter party dialogue ever since President Sata came to power .We have not given up because we believe that Zambia can be transformed if only the current spirit of hate, greed ,selfishness and bickering can be ended.
We are however encouraged that President Sata at the recent inter domination National prayers gathering echoed our sentiments on the need for Zambians to rise above partisan and selfish interests. We as a matter of urgency start to work together in defending national interest.
Lastly Nhosi it is our hope that the meeting will give us a chance to explain our vision of a new Zambia where unity and productivity will be a supreme national agenda.
This vision starts with creation of a Government of National Unity-GNU to repair all public institutions which have become political instruments of politicians in power .This may include retiring all the workers who have accepted to abandon their professional ethics and to used as political puppets of oppression.
The GNU we propose should accommodate all the political parties with a genuine concern for the future of Zambia. The government structure is very big that all the political parties can be given Cabinet roles in its five years transformation of Zambia period of depoliticizing public institutions and repairing the minds of our people to think constructively and not destructively as the case now.
Africa is at the tail of civilization because of our deeply rooted culture of failing to work together.
Nkhosi we are very happy to inform you that in spite of the public media blackout imposed on us by institutions like ZNBC our agenda for a GNU and introduction of a Federal system of government is gaining support countrywide.
We are also very happy to assure you that our idea of former President Rupiah Bwezani Banda coming back into State House to lead five years transformation government with UPND and MMD presidents as his vice presidents is gaining massive support at grassroots because many Zambians realize that Zambia is like a house on fire which needs a united government which includes the Patriotic Front to put the fire off.
Zambians of good will realize that this is not time for us to be petty or to put partisan interest before the common national interest. We want RB to unite all the political players in the task of drawing a proper constitution which will stand the test of time and a GNU which can ensure that indigenous Zambian take full control of their economy and land.
ZDDM has very high expectations from the forth coming EPRF meeting because its resolution will not help consolidate unity among people from Kumawa but help President Sata realize that the current primitive politics of fighting each other is only pushing our country in deeper poverty. Worse still our culture of bickering is only giving foreigners a big chance to take our land and wealth.
We don’t blame those who have called on Zambians not to celebrate the Independence Day because there is simply nothing to celebrate.
Maybe PF leaders can celebrate their salary hikes but for famers, former workers who are still fighting to get their money, our unemployed youth, many sick Zambian who cant access health facilities the independence day is a day of morning because of our failure as a nation to go by the dreams of our founding fathers which remains in the now empty shell of our national anthem.
Edwin Sakala
ZDDM President