Sadists Enjoy Seeing Others Suffer – Rupiah

FORMER president Rupiah Banda says there are some funny people and sadists that enjoy seeing others suffer.
And magistrate Obister Musukwa has set Monday as a date for inter parte hearing of Banda’s application to have his police bond conditions varied.
Banda said in an interview after a court appearance in Lusaka yesterday that he would not want to respond to questions on whether his being ‘blocked’ from attending international engagements was victimisation or not so as not to give “these sadists immense pleasure”.
He said the issue of his being blocked from travelling outside Zambia for official engagements would be decided by the court next Monday.
“No, they haven’t decided yet. They haven’t decided. We are meeting on Monday I think and a decision will be made then,” said Banda when asked by The Post how he feels that he was being stopped from travelling outside the country. “They haven’t decided in this particular one.