Sad development at Konkola Copper Mines

By Chinoda Ngwira
Dear Editor,
It is with sad reading going through the stories about our friends at Konkola Copper Mines who are likely to lose their jobs by retrenchment, it leaves us labour leaders with no choice but to cry and ask ourselves many questions which unfortunately go without answers, but simply cries.
However, my appeal to the Patriotic Front government through the Ministry of Labour and social security under the well able Minister, a former labour leader is, help these miners, you  stood on the platform times without number promising the Zambian people about more jobs and job security, the miners inclusive who actually voted for you in numbers. I appeal to his Excellence Mr. Micheal Sata to take a board step and address this issue through his office, we need substantiation from the President, let him personally intervene in this matter.
In as much as we hold information in mind  that Mr. Fackson Shamenda is doing his best in conjunction with the mine Unions, we need the head of state to personally participate in this matter and protect the many Zambians who are at the risk of losing employment and leave many families in a shambolic situation, something that would be quite unfortunate.
Mr President, if this situation happened in times you where in opposition, am sure by now, the media would have been flooded by your statements attacking the ruling government, but this has happened when the much acclaimed MAN OF ACTION is in office, and the Zambian people are waiting to hear from the same man. We need your ACTION sir, not later, but now. HELP Zambians. you may put aside the issue of subsidies for now, and concentrate on this situation.
May God bless the miners and Zambians at large.