Sab’s Eye – Preface

SaboiIt is with great pleasure that I introduce my weekly column on the Zambian Eye today. Though I have always been passionate about writing, and I consider writing to be my first love, I have never had such a wonderful opportunity of having a column and writing on topics that are so dear to me.
My column will cover Entertainment from many interesting angles that are rarely seen or read about. I will talk to artists, sportsmen and women, politicians and diplomats, T.V and radio personalities, among many others, to help me bring to you a level of depth on various issues.
I will also share my thoughts and experiences in the arts industry and hopefully provide some solutions on many pertinent issues that affect upcoming and seasoned artists. I will endeavour to answer many questions that most readers will have and pose questions that should provoke some thoughts, as well as encourage some debate or make the readers be as interactive as possible.
This column will bring to the fore many issues that people only normally speculate about. We think we know so much about our celebrities and yet from experience I can testify that over 90% of what the public normally knows about celebrities is false.
I will, therefore, from time to time, get stories from the ‘horse’s mouths’ so that we get to know the real details from many stories that have made the rounds but are so far from the truth and trust me, sometimes the truth is actually more juicier than the fabricated stories.
Though the column will be biased towards music, it will also cover policy issues that will identify, explain or promote stories that will cover arts development in various sectors. I look forward to a great relationship with you the readers whose contributions will be paramount to the success of this column. This column be published every week on Fridays. So catch me next week at the same time.