SAA plane U-turns midair

A SOUTH African Airways flight to Johannesburg yesterday U-turned midair shortly after take-off from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

South African Airways flight SA067 scheduled for departure at 07:15 hours from Lusaka to Johannesburg was earlier cancelled when the aircraft developed an unknown technical fault.

In the morning, the passengers waited for hours without being told anything.

The airline later managed to dispatch flight SA067 at 14:30 but it returned a few minutes after take-off for an unknown fault.

PF Lubwa ward councilor Humphrey Kapapula, who was on the flight, confirmed that the aircraft U-turned midair shortly after take-off and passengers were asked to disembark.

South African Airways country manager Vincent Mupwaya was not readily available for comment after the second flight failure, but earlier confirmed that flight SA 067 could not take off because of a technical fault.