‘SAA plane U-turned while on runway’

SOUTH African Airways country manager Vincent Mupwaya says flight SAA O67 to Johannesburg on Monday did not take off but U-turned while on the runway.

Mupwaya said yesterday that the flight in question that had earlier been cancelled on Monday due to an unknown technical fault had to switch its crew.

“It (the plane) did not take off. It went back or taxied back because the crew had run out of hours and we decided to bring in another crew. A crew has what we call legal resting hours, so the crews’ legal resting hours reached and we asked them to turn and bring in another,” he explained.

Mupwaya said the aircraft did not develop another technical fault after being worked on Monday morning, but delayed because of the switch of the air crew who needed to rest.

“The plane later took off at 22:00 hours because we had to wait for the crew which arrived at 20:50 hours from Jonnesburg and they are the ones that took over the plane together with the passengers.