Rupiah Responds to Comeback Calls

Former President Rupiah Banda says people are free to say whether they want him to come back or not because it is within their constitutional right.
Speaking to his supporters outside the Lusaka Magistrate Court, Banda said he had never said anything about whether he wants to come back or not as he was preoccupied with legal battles in court.
Recently the Post Newspaper published a false article that was later revealed to be a hoax, quoting Banda as saying he was rejecting the comeback calls. A subsequent statement circulated by the former president’s press secretary rubbished the article.
He asked his sympathizers to stay g and not be intimidated by what was going on.
“Ask the people, you ask them yourself, because myself as you know I am preoccupied with these issues in court,” said Banda.
“It is only fair to let me go through my legal issues, you have never heard me say yes or no for obvious reasons, people are free to say what they want to say, think what they want to think especially that this is their country where the constitution allows them to do so.”
The former President thanked the people that had come to render support to him.
“I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you, some of you have some of you have come very far, left children on their own, to come and give us support, I haven’t got the capacity to thank you, but I can assure you God is alive,” he said.
“Osayopa kantu kalikonse chino chalo nichasu toonse (do not be afraid of anything this country is for all of us). Olo achite teti achite teti izo zoona zioneke (Even if they do what they want the truth will be seen). I really appreciate that you are interested in this and tell the others that ili uku court. Thank you all the best and naneo muniongele mulungu.”
Magistrate Joshua Banda is expected to make a ruling next Thursday on whether the matter should be referred to the High Court for constitutional matters, which would examine the allegation that DPP Nchito is personally biased in the matter against the former president.
The court has given the DPP’s chambers up to close of business tomorrow (Wednesday) to respond to the application by the defendants’ legal team.
Nchito, who was personally present at court today, had previously assured the parliamentary select committee that he would declare interest in any cases involving the former Head of State.

Source : Zambia Reports

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