Rupiah lucky to be on the loose – Scott

VICE-President Guy Scott says Rupiah Banda is lucky to be on the loose even in Zambia.

But one of Banda’s lawyers, Sakwiba Sikota told the Voice of America’s Peter Clottey that the cancellation of Banda’s passport was illegal and an affront to democracy.

And Vice-President Scott says Banda has pledged to support MMD candidate Mtolo Phiri in the upcoming Chipata Central by-election.

In an interview, Vice-President Scott justified the government’s action to concel Banda’s passport, saying it was well considered.

“The fact is Rupiah Banda is under investigations. Charges are coming up against him and he shows a tendency not to go overseas to sun bask in Mauritius or enjoy himself, but to go and organise against the same people who are prosecuting him. I think he is quite lucky to be on the loose even in Zambia,” Vice-President Scott said.

Vice-President Scott said all aspects were considered before Banda’s passport was withdrawn.