Rupiah is insulting Zambians – Kabimba

WYNTER Kabimba says Rupiah Banda is insulting Zambians through an arrogant and unreasonable old man, Robert Amsterdam.

And chief government spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni says the government is disappointed with former president Banda for using his lawyer Amsterdam to attack and insult Zambians.

Commenting on Amsterdam’s labeling of people that were calling for the removal of Banda’s immunity as useful idiots, Kabimba, the justice minister and PF secretary general, said the lawyer had the former head of state’s blessings.

“This statement has the blessings of Mr Rupiah Banda. Obviously Mr Banda must have discussed that with Amsterdam. When you have a client, what you say as a lawyer is representative of your client’s instructions. It is actually Mr Banda that is insulting the Zambian people through an old man like Amsterdam,” Kabimba said.