Rupiah fails to appear before probe team

RUPIAH Banda yesterday failed to appear before the Government Joint Investigations Team due to his lawyers’ ‘busy’ schedule.

Sources disclosed yesterday that the former president’s lawyers said they were busy with the court matter where he has challenged the removal of his legal immunity by Parliament in the High Court, which is expected to come for ruling today.

“The lawyers indicated that they will be busy. So we have agreed on Monday,” the source said.

And GJIT public relations officer Namukolo Kasumpa also stated in a press release yesterday that Banda had been summoned to appear before the probe team at the Drug Enforcement Commission offices at 10:00 hours yesterday in connection with allegations of corruption.

“However, the former president’s lawyers advised that they had other prior commitments and could not therefore present their client today but committed to present him on Monday 15th April 2013, at the same time and venue,” Kasumpa stated.