Rupiah Banda Trashes False Knee Report by The Post

Zambia’s former president Rupiah Banda says he has no knee problem as reported on the front page of the Post Newspaper edition of Wednesday July 10, 2013.

Speaking to journalists just after appearing before Chief Resident Magistrate Joshua Banda in a matter he is accused of abuse of office of authority involving an alleged oil transaction with the Nigeria Petroleum Company, the former president said his knees are okay.

“I have no knee problem, my knees are okay,” he said. Asked to shed some light on the diplomatic passport that the Zambian government has withdrawn Banda said, “All I know is they said I can apply for my passport to be re-instated, but I have no knee problem. So I don’t know where this is coming from.”

As Banda walked to his car some of his symphathisers told him not to worry. “We wish you all the best and we are behind you until the last day,” one person said loudly.