Rupiah Banda Denies Seeking Asylum in South Africa

Ex-president Rupiah Banda

Ex-president Rupiah Banda

Fourth President Zambia Rupiah Banda has described the statement made by president Michael Sata that he was in South Africa to seek Criminal Political Asylum. In a statement made available to the media by his office, the former head of state said that he was disturbed by reports being perpetrated by Zambian government, alleging that his travel to South Africa was aimed at seeking asylum in that country.

The former head of State said that it was regrettable that the Zambian government can revel in peddling falsehoods against its own citizen.

Following these misleading statements by government officials and incorrect media reports, President Banda said to the to state that his current travel plans were planned long in advance and that he expects to return to Zambia soon.

“I wholly reject this deliberate misinformation,” said the former head of State. “I have been on a trip that was planned long ago, at the completion of which I intend to return to Zambia. Any statements that have been made regarding fabricated ideas of ‘asylum’ or ‘charges’ have no basis in fact.”

This week President Michael Sata charged that MMD president, Nevers Mumba, his UPND counterpart, Hakainde Hichielma and Mr Banda were looking for criminal asylum in South Africa.

“When people are hiding you don’t know what they went for to South Africa because the person is looking for asylum but he does not know we can go to South Africa and get him extradited and come remove his immunity here,” he said.

“So the only person who was clean out of all those was Bo Saki. Nevers Mumba and HH were looking for criminal asylum and the South African President is not ready to give Rupiah Banda, HH and Nevers Mumba asylum. They should come here and singthe song here in Zambia,” Mr Sata stated.

The President claimed that the South African government was not ready to give criminal asylum to former President Rupiah Banda.

President Sata explained that Mr Banda did not know that the government can have him extradited from South Africa to Zambia so that his immunity is removed.

Sources: LT.