Rupiah Back in Court Today

Former President Rupiah Banda will be back in court today to know whether his case will be referred to the High Court for determination of constitutional matters.

This is in a case where the fourth Republican President is facing abuse of authority charges over the oil deal.

Magistrate Joshua Banda adjourned the matter to today to give the two sides making their submissions.

President Banda is seeking the removal of Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito from the prosecution team citing conflict of interest.

Nchito, who is former business partner and ally of Post Newspapers editor Fred M’membe, has already been removed from another case from prosecuting Banda on account of his well known enmity with the former Head of State.

The DPP on appearing before a parliamentary select committee scrutinizing his appointment confessed that whenever there was a case involving Banda he would recuse himself.

Magistrate Banda will rule whether the case should be referred to the High Court or not.

Source : Zambia Reports

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