Rioting Pupils set Serenje Boys School in ‘ashes’

Pupils at Serenje Boys Technical Secondary School have rioted damaging school property worth about two million kwacha.

And government has since closed the school to pave way for investigations into the cause of the riot.

ZANIS reports from Serenje that the pupils who also looted food stuffs burned and damaged the school administration block, the computer and store room , school tuck shop, the kitchen, and industrial arts block.

Meanwhile, police have arrested about 29 pupils and a named teacher who was found allegedly hiding 16 pupils.

The riot at the school started around 01:45hrs, July 21, 2013.

The pupils looted assorted items including lap tops, phones, cash and documents and left the administration block in ashes.

And Central Province Minister who is area member of parliament Phillip Kosamu and his Ministry of Education counterpart David Mabumba rushed to the school to check the extent of the damage.

The duo addressed the pupils and announced the closure of the school to pave way for investigations and rehabilitation.

The examination classes will however re-open on 12 August 2013.

Due to insecurity and lack of food which has been looted, the pupils at the school were told to go back home to pave way for investigations and rehabilitation works.