Riot Police whisk Chanda the PF vuvuzela from UNZA

Sunday Chanda the ruling Patriotic Front ‘vuvuzela’ who was held hostage at UNZA Radio after the students attempted to clobber him has been whisked from the country’s highest Institution by the Riot Police.

Zambian Eye Correspondent at UNZA says three vehicles with an Ambulance whisked Chanda from UNZA Radio. The Police officers had rushed to UNZA after students stormed the Radio station to hound Chanda who was appearing as a Guest on Lusaka star programme from the Radio station.

Chanda heads a Non Governmental Organization called Open Society Foundation and has always sided with the ruling party in all his statements. A group of students stormed the Radio station and demanded for Chanda.

Our correspondent who was at UNZA says the students wanted Chanda whom they accuse of being a PF vuvuzela to explain why government has removed mealie meal subsidy and increased price for fuel.

Calm has since retained at the University which is located on one of the country’s main street, Great East Road.