Renowned UTH Doctor warns against embracing defecting MPs

A renowned University teaching Hospital –UTH Urologist Dr. Francis Manda has warned the ruling Patriotic Front –PF against embracing
opposition members of parliament who are defecting from their parties to join the party.

Dr. Manda said the PF needs to be careful with the said MPs whom he claims are only after ‘milking’ or benefiting from the party. He said the same people will run away from the party if it loses election.

A number of opposition MPs especially from the former ruling party, the MMD have defected to join the PF.

Meanwhile, Dr. Manda has asked Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu to deal with sodomy and immorality acts in Zambian prisons. Dr. Manda noted prisons used to be the major contributor of ‘donated’ blood to hospitals but has changed owing to the immoral acts the inmates do while in incarceration.