Remove Street Vendors from Banks, one of the gunned down criminals was a Vendor

By Correspondent

Law Enforcers have been urged to play an active role in removing all street vendors trading on the corridors of the Banks in Solwezi, North Western province.

Speaking in separate interviews residents of Solwezi have called on the Police, Solwezi Municipal Council and the Immigration department to remove all street vendors trading along the Banks, it has been reviewed that one of the criminals who was gunned down by the police anti robbery squad on Thursday was trading at Standard chartered Bank selling shoes.

The residents said the criminal had been surveying who withdraws money and form a cartel to track him/her down by attacking their homes.

One criminal who was gunned down was found with an immigration document showing that he entered Zambia through the Kasumbalesa boarder post on 22nd October, 2013 and was suppose to go back on 2nd November, 2013.

And this has prompted residents of solwezi to call on the immigration department to scrutinize people that are entering the country.

Police confirmed the incident and identified the two as Kami Kasongo, 50, a congolese national and Albert Mukanga, 36, a Zambian.

Meanwhile, Police in solwezi have launched a Manhunt for one criminal who escaped when police gunned down 2 dangerous criminals.

North Western Province Deputy Commissioner Paul Achiume has confirmed stressing that police will not relent until the criminal is brought down.