Removal of subsidy untimely says Ex-Agriculture Minister

The Indaba Agriculture Research Programme  has  charged that the removal of the maize subsidy by government was untimely.

Organization Executive Director, Chance Kabaghe said the removal was done at a wrong time when the country is trying to copy with the
removal of fuel subsidy, increase in mealie meal prices and the impending increase in electricity traffic.

Kabaghe who is former Deputy Minister of Agriculture under MMD Administration said the move although is good should have been done gradual over a period of time. He argued that the decision was just imposed on the ordinary Zambians because no prior consultations were done.

He has meanwhile said the institution supports the decision because it was not benefiting the intended beneficiary.

But Zambia Cooperative Federation Director General James Chirwa supported the move by government to remove the subsidy saying it was
not serving any purpose.

Chirwa however blamed stakeholders for not sensitizing the public on the issue which has resulted in wide condemnation.

And Open Society Foundation- Executive Director, Sunday Chanda also supported the move to remove the subsidy.

The three were speaking at the Let the People Palk programme on Radio Phoenix May 17, 2013.