Release all Political Prisoners now, demands Akashambatwa


23 October 2013

I release this statement on the eve of the 49th Anniversary day of Zambia’s attainment of Independence.  I call for the unconditional release of all political prisoners now, ahead of the 2014 jubilee year of Zambia’s Independence. Zambia’s Independence is a mockery of injustice as long as there is even a single case of a citizen in captivity for political reasons. 

On this eve of Zambia’s Independence, I have visited to the Mwembeshi Maximum Prison, where the former Barotseland Ngambela – Prime Minister – of Barotseland and former Zambia Deputy Minister of Education, Clement Sinyinda and over 80 Barotse nationals are held on charges of treason.   This situation compels me to break silence and publicly call for Zambia to cease all police, military and judicial aggression against the freedom of expression and non-violent advocacy of political aspiration of Barotse activities and suspected activists, whether one agrees with them or not.  Zambian are encourage and facilitate national dialogue over issues over which the constitution making process has self-evidently already failed to establish genuine and secure national consensus.

Independence means promoting and protecting ALL fellow citizens who have demonstrated and continue to show national service courage of not being compromised by personal gains and personal regard, and protest against denial of human and civil rights.  Let us encourage and follow those who value political freedom and human rights of everybody, regardless of our personal interests.  Let us not allow a government to force citizens to choose peaceful submission to oppression.  Let us not think that peace is simply the absence of ward.  Let us not allow politicians to take the peaceful nature of people for granted, let alone abuse it. Let us not be fooled that national unity can be forever maintained, even without political freedom, human rights and justice.  Otherwise, Independence cannot have meaning and positive relevance to all nationals, and shall be a matter of cheat praise singing and sectarian jiving.  This has to take place in the substantive year of the genuine jubilee, and it is what Independence means to me.




Initiator and Founder National Secretary Of the MMD

Namishukwe Homestead, Lyambai Road, P.O. BOX K56, MONGU