Rehabilitate Prisons for yourselves, Msoni tells PF leaders

Nason Msoni

Nason Msoni

Political Activist Nason Msoni has charged that there is rampant corruption going during the Patriotic Front government.

Msoni says looking at what is obtaining there is need for PF leaders to prepare to face the wrath of law when they leave government.

We prod in good faith the corrupt PF leadership to remember to rehabilitate the appalling state of the Zambian prison conditions as the high corruption levels in government clearly point to potential convicts among the notable PF big wigs in government who are deeply involved in the vice,” Msoni charges. “There is no doubt that PF corruption will deliver jailbirds in the near future.

He says there is no doubt that PF corruption will deliver jailbirds in the near future.

“We welcome wholeheartedly the Presidential Pardon of the 500 ex-cons, during Zambia’s 49th Independence Day anniversary,” he says. “We think Government lost an opportunity to demonstrate goodwill and leadership by failing to release the Barotse Treason accused activists.”

Msoni says Political Independence is about freedom and liberty of individuals.

He adds, : “Whether we agree with the nature of their struggle or not but we have an obligation to humanity and that is to act in the decent interest of social Justice and fair play.”

“It makes more political sense and Judgment to release those agitating for political freedom than the habitual offenders granted Amnesty willy-nilly for the occasion,” he says. We think it is within the parameters of Justice to re-consider the plight of the fine young men held indefinitely in appalling human conditions and being subjected to horrendous congestion and poor dietary prison meals”

Msoni has however reiterated his earlier call that democracy entails maximum tolerance and therefore those charged with state responsibility need to balance the act of leadership and civil liberties of society without any prejudice.

He says the PF government should take keen interest to help solve some of the long standing grievances which have been festering for a long time and associated with the plight of inmates as one day they too could fall prey to similar deplorable conditions as tribalism and corruption go hand-in-hand.