Reflecting on President Sata’s Speech to Parliament



By Kelvin Esiasa

It is very clear that President Michael Chilufya Sata and his government are geared to develop Zambia. His Excellency is also geared to ensure that Zambians mainly young people were given opportunities to succeed.

The President’s speech to Parliament revealed the desire of the PF government on how it wishes to develop Zambia. In his official address to Parliament, the President outlined a number of issues that would help to develop Zambia.

In the president’s speech, there were two things that touched my heart, and I feel these things were very cardinal to Zambia’s development. The first thing President Sata emphasized in his speech was the need for Zambia to open up more Universities and upgrade education standard at Secondary School level.
The President noted that Zambian schools have continued to lag behind.

The President also mentioned that many Zambians continued to face difficulties in accessing tertiary education. Besides this, the President also pointed out that his government would in 2014 introduce the Higher education authority whose main function was to supervise and regulate the administration of education in Zambia. In concluding the speech on education the President listed a number of tertiary institutions that the government were constructing and upgrading the infrastructure.

As one scholar suggested education was a key to success, there is a need for relevant authorities in Zambia to execute President’s directives and ensure what the President alluded to was quickly accomplished. The President noted there were many people who were suffering today because they did not have access to tertiary education. These were the people that University of Zambia, Copperbelt University and Evelyn Hone did not offer a place to study due to limited places.

These were the same people that felt education was only for people that were academically advantaged or people that came from well to do families. For example, these people felt schools from urban areas were better placed to produce students who were admitted at tertiary education than schools in rural areas.

The introduction of Universities in all Zambia’s ten provinces is welcome and should be realized. It is also significant that as Zambia implement this policy of constructing new institutions the old one should not be left leaping.

Instead, they should also be refurbished. For instance, schools such as Evelyn Hone, ZIBPS, NIEC and Trades school require urgent attention. Education is one way Zambia would ensure that it realize it’s potential. Zambia should also learn from countries like Japan that have taken human resource as their natural resources.

The other thing that the President explained was the desire to create employment. The Pave Zambia project was highlighted as the best project to create employment for the young people. Despite all the effort that the government has put in place unemployment continues to be a major concern among many stakeholders.

So the need to create many farm blocks in Zambia will definitely contribute to the reduction of unemployment in Zambia, through farm blocks government would be able to create employment. Agriculture is one of the sectors in Zambia that has not been utilized to the capacity. If Agriculture can be fully realized and taken as a centre stage for national development, Zambia shall be one of the food baskets in Africa.

Agriculture can play a vital role in developing the Zambian economy. Zambia has continued to lag behind because it has always tailored its national development to mining. Therefore, it is high time that Zambia needed to develop its agriculture sector. The earlier the Zambian government discovers that agriculture was the only way to a better life in Zambia, the better for all the Zambians.

Kelvin Esiasa – President for Zambia Society for Public Administration and Society for family