Reactions to PF naming stadium ‘Gabon Disaster Heroes National Stadium’

By Sizyongo Munenga

Some hilarious tweets used by aljazeera on the naming of the new constructed stadium in Lusaka

In a move to honour the Zambian football team killed in a 1993 plane crash, the Zambian government has officially dubbed its new stadium ‘Gabon Disaster Heroes National Stadium.’ This gesture prompted snarky responses as Twitter users shared their criticisms.

  • Angela Chasha · Gaborone, Botswana
    How on earth you put the words – heroes and disaster – in the same name. C’mon Zambians you can come up with better than this.
    Shadrick Ngonga · Follow · ZP at Ministry of Home Affairs (Singapore)
    True, good advice like I was thinking over the same.

    Jessé Py · Arnhem Business School
    Just “Heroes Stadium”, no 93, disaster or Gabon in the name…so you’ll actually pay homage to the fallen ones on 93 and the new (young) heroes whom actually won the cup!

    Mangala Andrew · Follow · Clinician at Ministry of Health
    This is not right…. I’d suggest City Stadium, KK11, Heros 93, Heros…, or even Sata Stadium, China has done a lot, too. Please not Garbon Disaster…. The name is a disaster on it’s own.

    Mukabe Mübäñgá Swägër Mk · Follow · Director at Money cnt sleep so MUKABE.MK dosnt rest
    Have heard it has been changed to “Garbon Air Disaster of 1993 National Heroes Stadium”

    Stantezza Kwizu Mkandah · Follow · Works at The Barclays
    that’s even worse

    Wezi Sti Gondwe · Jomo Kenyata Int’l university
    Sata why? Consult mwiche #zambia #NewStadiumNames

    Mukupa Mwaba · Follow · Works at I-connect
    Pathetic what even happened to consulting KK11 suites it better.

    Bubu Brian Mwa’nsa Bweupe · Follow · Electrican / instailler at ZESCO Limited
    Heros stadium is enough to remember the fallen heros

    Donnel BZ · Follow · Assistant Director at Bmz commercials ltd
    The power of the name….our leaders no vision.

    Shula Chanda · Sales Officer at JAIDS
    Can u believe this..plz don’t coz its a joke.

    George Porgy
    Comical Zambians indeed!

    George Porgy
    lol!sana mwandi boi.they cracked my ribs. So you wonder if winning the nations cup was also a disaster? Since it happened in Gabon?

    Noel Phiri · NIPA, Lusaka, Zambia
    Heroes 93 stadium better pliz!

    Francis Katempa · Follow · Twikatane TVTC Ndola
    It doesn’t sound good.

    Simuniini Simz J Hakakwale · Zambia Air Force
    We can do better than this.

    Lower Roan · Follow
    Heroes Acres

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