RB for 2016 campaign to be launched

The Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM)  says it will launch a Rupiah Banda campaign aimed at  reviving the former President’s political career ahead of 2016 general elections.

ZDDM President Edwin Sakala said his party will in the next few weeks start endorsements for Rupiah Banda from people interested in seeing his come back. He explained that they will convince Rupiah to come back into politics after collecting the maximum petitions of about a million people.

He notes that he will also have a meeting with other opposition political parties to try and convince them to endorse Banda as the only presidential candidate for the opposition in 2016.

Sakala notes that it will nearly be impossible to fight  President Michael Sata and the PF government who are oppressing the opposition  if the opposition is not united. He said it is in this vein that he is  calling for an independent candidate to stand under the United Opposition Front.

The ZDDM leader said he has picked on Banda because he can be easy to sell to the public as a states man. Sakala disclosed this in a statement on Monday July 1, 2013 to Zambian Eye. He said  he is aware of the former President act but explained that that the move is in the interest of the nation