Rail blockage disrupts TAZARA operations

TAZARA has suspended operations following a blockage on the main rail line, company spokesperson Conrad Simuchile said yesterday.

Simuchile said the main rail line had been blocked at Kifuru-Kinyanguru section in Tanzania, about 64.6 kilometres from Dar-es-Salaam, rendering the railway impassable in that area.

He explained that the blockage was caused by a derailment of a rescue crane that was in the area attempting to salvage some wagons that were involved in an accident sometime back.

“With this rescue crane indisposed, there is only one other rescue crane available to TAZARA but due to the rough topography, engineers have advised that it is inadequate to undertake a successful rescue operation,” he said. “Consequently, train operations have been temporarily suspended as efforts are being made to outsource and mobilise additional rescue equipment and bulldozers.