Radio Macha staff refuse to host HH

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema on Saturday night pleaded to be on Radio Macha in Choma so that he could denounce the government over the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize for millers.

But the radio station refused to host him because he had not booked for air time.

Hichilema arrived on Saturday night at Radio Macha unannounced and tried to get on air but was stopped by the Radio Macha staff because he had not made any prior arrangement.

He arrived at Radio Macha in a convoy of four vehicles after a series of meetings with local leaders.

This was after attending chief Mapanza’s funeral on Saturday.

Hichilema tried to persuade the radio staff to allow him to be on air and offered to pay KR4,000 if they let him or UPND members of parliament to speak on radio, but the staff stood their ground and said he should have made prior arrangements so that they put him on their programme schedule.

He got frustrated that he could not be allowed on radio in his own homeland.