PVT, Social Media helps prevent rigging of elections – Mwanajiti

International Consultant Ngande Mwanajiti has praised the introduction of the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) saying it is now a permanent feature of the Country’s electoral process.
The process was introduced in 2011 elections that saw the then ruling MMD party reign end after 20 years.
Mwanajiti said the PVT is a good physical demonstration of what is meant by transparency.
“It is very important that all political stakeholders, understand and appreciate the voting process, so that they can defend their votes,” said Mwanajiti as he commented on the just ended Mkaika by-elections where the results were known a few hours after voting closed.
Mwanajiti who is Chairman and Convener of the Freedom Foundation has also called for more vigilance among stakeholders to ensure that the electoral process is not manipulated. He said democracy entails that the wishes of the people are depicted from the outcome of a poll.
Mwanajiti observed that the coming in of social media has also contributed to transparence and efficiency in the flow of information.
 ”There is NO substitute for VIGILANCE and the social media, is a good tool. Thanks for technological innovation!” he said.
PVT is a technical exercise where participating parties in an election record the results after counting at a polling station and send them over to their superiors at the totaling centres to ensure that the results announced tally with those obtained from polling centres. The process also helps the participants to know in advance whether they have won or lost an election.
“ PVT therefore goes a long way in mitigating against tempering of votes,” said Mwanajiti.
Some Civil Society Organisations and the PF while in opposition used the exercise in 2011 elections and did help the party win those elections.