Put house in order, Luo urges Bemba chiefdom

CHIEFS and traditional affairs minister Prof Nkandu Luo has asked the Bemba Royal Establishment (Bashilubemba) to clear the confusion created concerning installation procedure in the chieftaincy.

There have been growing assertions that the current Senior Chief Mwamba (Henry Sosala) of the Bemba people of Kasama had never been installed as a chief Mwamba or Mpepo But chief Mwamba says he was installed as chief Mpepo in 1997, although he has not undergone the traditional initiation rituals as required by Bemba tradition. The people concerned had since requested Prof Luo to resolve the matter.

Prof Luo yesterday said the government could not interfere in chiefs’ succession process since it was purely a traditional matter.

“We need to put the house in order in the Bemba chiefdom. For somebody to become Chitimukulu, there’s a very important female chief that presides over this and she has the final say.