Prophetic Eye: Living in Amos’ time

By Nkisu Katayi

When Amos according to the Bible began to prophesy, he prophesied in the midst of unparalleled prosperity in Israel.

The future, however, looked very different: With a prophetic eye he could see nothing but an increasingly rapid national disintegration, culminating in war, devastation and exile.

The history of the last 49 years of our own nation is remarkably similar to that of Israel in Amos’ times. We have had our trade, wealth, luxuries and large houses; but, as with Amos, our look into the future finds us nervous about whether some catastrophe lurks ahead of us.

When Amos was prophesying there was peace and prosperity in Israel. Behind all this, however, he saw the social and spiritual disintegration. One would have to be blind not to notice similar trends within our own country.

Family disintegration, corruption, tribalism, massive scramble for profit along with monstrous and increasing debts would be such treads. Many people from non-Bemba speaking provinces feel uneasy. Christians certainly should. It does not bode well.

Amos, however, had gone beyond the stage of merely feeling uneasy about the nation of Israel. He had come to see that the hand of judgment was hovering over it. He recognized clearly that God had already shown his divine displeasure. He saw these warning shots in the guise of the natural afflictions that the nation had been suffering.

Many Christian intercessors have been too aware of this dimension of “warning shots” in our own nation. It is revealed in forms of disunity, tribalism, “Barotse disagreement” and the deaths of the innocent political cadres.  It is not the nature of the true Church and Christian leadership simple to be aware of such flaws in society and view them with no sense of personal involvement.

May Yahweh bless Zambia.