Prophetic Eye: Extremely anarchy lies ahead

NkisuBy Nkisu Katayi

Amos was not sent by God to stand in the gap and pray for a turning of the wrath of God and a sparing of the Israelites. Nor was he sent merely to underline the warnings which had been given through the natural catastrophes such as drought etc.

He was sent with a much more devastating word. This word was that God’s time of such warning shots of judgment had come to an end:  henceforth there was to be judgment; Judgment that would involve war, captivity, humiliation and death.

The severity of what was to come runs throughout the whole book of Amos. To convey it he uses the most graphic terms from his pastoral background.

“As a shepherd only saves from the lion’s mouth two leg bones or a piece of an ear, so will the Israelites be saved” (3:12). In more prosaic and direct terms: “An enemy will overrun your land and pull down your strongholds” (3:11). Surely how can a nation stand against their enemy if they are divided?

It is important to remember that this “new word” that Amos was sounding came while the prosperity was still at its height. The prophet was proclaiming the unthinkable: the monarchy, the city of Samaria, even the nation was to come to its end. It was, of course, a word that was bitterly rejected. Time, however, vindicated the prophet, for Assyrians came and led an on slaughter.

We need to take note of the fact that, as a nation, we find ourselves in a precisely similar situation to Amos. Mammon rules, corruption has increased, standard of morality are low and God is being rejected. Those who preach are preaching for their own pockets, shouting it is prosperity time each Sunday. Yes, the shepherds are blind; the church has gone in the way of Balaam, the prophet who would not speak for God because of money.

The country is divided along tribal line, a thing never seen in this proportion before. It was the Lozis yesterday, now it is the Bemba Traditional council. Who is next? We have seen our roads claim innocent Zambians through accidents than never before? Is this pure coincidence or is it ritual sacrifices?

These symptoms get steadily worse, though the prosperity seems to increase for some people. The fact that the word that Amos brought to Israel, “I will spare them no longer,” now hangs over us with equal threat. We have to “kill it before it lays eggs.”

That is to repent and seek the Lord. What lies ahead cannot be anything but extremely anarchy.