Promotion of peace

Today, is the second Sunday of Easter, and in today’s Gospel which comes from John 20:19-31 the Risen Christ appears to the disciples, who because of fear of the Jews they locked themselves in a room.

When Jesus appeared to them, he gave them a paschal gift of peace. In fact, when we refer to the passage in topic, Jesus says to the disciples three times “peace be with you”.

The actual word for peace in the language of Jesus is shalom. It is both a greeting and kind of a farewell which has a rich and profound meaning of soundness, health and prosperity. All in all, peace means well-being. As such, peace is not just the absence of war and terror. But in its deeper etymological roots it is as put by Valentin Zsifkovits the “tranquility of just and dynamic order of liberty.”

With reference to the Gospel passage in topic the triple pronouncement of “peace be with you” must compel all Zambians and people of good will to take time and focus on the aspect of peace.