Probe team warns, cautions Dora

THE Government Joint Investigations Team on Monday warned and cautioned Dora Siliya in connection with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with RP Capital Partners of Cayman Islands, which led to the privatisation of Zamtel.

According to team spokesperson Namukolo Kasumpa, Siliya, who is former communications and transport minister was cautioned for the offence of abuse of authority of office, by signing an MoU and an Addendum without authorisation.

She disclosed that as a result of such a transaction, Siliya committed the government to an expenditure of over K800 million (KR800 thousand), an act arbitrary and prejudicial to the interests of the government of the Republic of Zambia.

Kasumpa said that during the warn and caution process, Siliya opted to remain silent and did not respond to the allegation.