Prison Wardens recruits hit with ‘strange’ disease in congested camp

Dear Editor,
Kindly allow me space in your widely read online publication. It is surprising that Police recruits who started training two days ahead of Prisons recruits passed out on 19th, April 2013 and yet the Prison recruits are still undergoing an endless training. The Prisons recruits have been in the training camp for 10 month now and so far there are no signs as to when they will pass out. This is despite a reported outbreak of a strange illness in the training camp where a victim just begins to experience shakings in the joints especially the knee joints. So far eight people in the camp have been attacked by this strange illness and were taken to hospital but no medication was given to them. The hospital could not diagnose the disease and therefore could not administer treatment. To date the patients are just sleeping in the camp without medication.