Pressure: Opposition forces ECZ to stop Vice president’s ‘tour’ in Lukulu

Pressure from the opposition has forced the Director at Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Priscila Isaacs to stop Vice president Guy Scott’s alleged campaigns in Lukulu West after closing time.

Dr. Scott is alleged to have been campaigning on Sunday, April 21, 2013 when the campaign period had closed ahead of tomorrow’s polls.

After getting the message the opposition that has been on alert to ensure that there are no irregularities ahead of the polls tomorrow put pressure on the ECZ director. Some members of the opposition UPND even threatened to take the law in their hands if Dr. Scott was not stopped from campaigning in Lukulu West.

At that point, the ECZ director telephoned Vice president Scott who said he was not campaigning but on his official duty inspecting some areas within Lukulu. According to an ECZ official who chose to remain an identified, the director put it plainly that his presence in the constituency after campaigns were closed was becoming source of concern to the opposition.

The Vice president promised to cut of his tour and had to fly back to Lusaka.

Today, Dr. Scott retaliated that he was not campaigning in Lukulu but on his official duty as Vice president. He dismissed assertions that he was in Lukulu for the last minute campaigns. He said as Vice president he has the right to visit any area in the country to carry on public work.

Lukulu and Kapiri Mposhi goes to the polls on April 23, 2013 amid high suspensions by the opposition of the ruling party – PF trying to rig the poll.