President Sata is lying, no one is seeking asylum in SA-Nevers Mumba

MMD leader Nevers Mumba has denied accusations by President Michael Sata that he seeking criminal asylum in South Africa.
Addressing a media briefing at his residence in Kabulonga in Lusaka, Dr. Mumba said the accusations that he was in South Africa to ask for criminal asylum are false.
Dr. Mumba said the opposition leaders that travelled to South Africa have no intentions of leaving Zambia because they have nothing to run away from.
“We are not running away and if there is anything that President Sata wants to do to me and my colleagues in the opposition he will have to do it right here in Zambia,” Dr. Mumba stated.
The MMD President explained that the South Africa meeting was meant to facilitate a legal meeting with their lawyer.
“We didn’t go to South Africa to have a political meeting, we went there to meet our international lawyer and as you aware our lawyer Mr.