President Sata castigates Dr.Nevers Mumba over remarks on the current Judiciary

President Michael Sata has urged MMD president Pastor Nevers Mumba to halt his ill-advised and misplaced attacks on the country’s judiciary.
The President said Pastor Mumba must realise that by launching irrational verbal attacks on the judiciary, he is petitioning his own competence as a leader.
“His recent reckless and bankrupt view tells it all,” he said.

“I would also like to advise him that as somebody who aspires to lead this country, he must learn to respect the judiciary.”

President Sata described Pastor Mumba’s attacks on the judiciary and the Supreme Court in particular as unfortunate but not surprising.
“Pastor Mumba has distinguished himself as an inconsistent clergyman who is comfortable supporting wrong things as long as it rewards him the possibility of personal sustenance,” President Sata said.
“Regrettable as it might be, Pastor Mumba appears to be a mouth for hire.