President Michael Sata defends the removal of Maize Subsidies

President Michael Sata has defended his Government’s move to remove maize subsidies saying maize subsidies have been a pillar for the huge economic inequality in Zambian society because they only benefit the already well to do middlemen and not the targeted vulnerable groups of our society.
In a Press statement released to the media by State House, the President urged Zambians not give an ear to habitual armchair critics or those practicing ‘megaphone’ politics without immediate or long-term solutions in sight to the numerous challenges facing the country.
” Those claiming that funds are being channelled to by-elections are only being mischievous because the money for by-elections is budgeted for and government doesn’t need to withdraw money from other key sectors to fund by-elections,” he said.
Below is the full Statement
Media Statement
For Immediate Release
LUSAKA, Wednesday, May 15, 2013 — His Excellency, Mr.