Presidency most corrupt govt institution in Zambia, says Mwamba

Democratic Assembly (DA) President Maxwell Mwamba has cited the institution of the presidency in Zambia as being the most corrupt government institutions as evidenced by the arraignment of the two former presidents Frederick Chiluba and Rupiah Banda.
Mwamba said the public is skeptical to government’s efforts to fight corruption when the alleged oil gate and the ZESCO saga involving President Michael Sata’s two top government officials Wynter Kabimba and Geoffrey Mwamba remain at large. The citizens’ failures to report corruption for fears of reprisals has only compounded the situation.
“Corruption curtails government’s ability to provide quality services to the people.Hospitals have no drugs, mealie- meal prices have shot up to unaffordable levels. He called on the Anti- Corruption Commission to launch fresh investigations into the Wynter Kabimba and Geoffrey Mwamba cases,” he said
He said government corruption affects people in an adverse way.
“Recently more than a million Brazilians took to the streets to demand improved public services and an end to government corruption,  a situation which  must not be allowed to happen in Zambia,” he said.
 Mwamba agreed with the observation of the British High Commission to Zambia, James Thornton that there is too much corruption and that something be done to change the culture ( as reported in The Post  Newspaper of Saturday 21st  September, 2013)
“There is a need for the institution of the Presidency to be transparent,” he added.
He said currently, road contracts are being done at State House by the president himself.