Poverty in Mpongwe saddens Sata

PRESIDENT Michael Sata says it pains him to see people looking frail due to poverty.

Addressing a rally at Mpongwe business centre on Sunday afternoon to drum up support for PF candidate Gabriel Namulambe, President Sata said the levels of vulnerability in rural areas remained high and his government remained committed to changing the situation.

He said the government had outlined a number of serious interventions that would see poverty levels reduce drastically in the country.

President Sata said the people of Mpongwe must give Namulambe a vote so that he can work closely with the government to deliver the much-needed development.

“The only thing I have seen in Mpongwe that looks healthy is your well-fertilised maize fields.

They look green, they look healthy. But look at our women here and the children. They are too vulnerable, they look weak and these are things you my ministers, you Namulambe, you must work on. Our people must look nice and healthy.