Poverty causing political violence – Rev. Chileshe

A Non Governmental Organisation calling itself the Christian Against Poverty (CAP) has attributed the recent in fighting among politicians to poverty levels.

CAP Chairperson Gregory Chileshe says people have stopped thinking because of the hard economical situation which has forced them to resort to violence.

He has since urged politician to behave above board and stop from attacking each other.

Commenting on the government removal of subsidy, Reverend Chileshe said on Tuesday July 16 that the move is causing serious problems among Zambians.He notes that although the removal of subsidy is intended to bring long term benefit to the country it has not brought any benefit in the interim.

Rev. Chileshe has urged the Patriotic Front government to lead by example and sacrifice by reducing their salaries. He notes that it does not make sense for the PF to tell people to sacrifice when it is enjoying free fuel and other incentives.