Post’s nudy pictures – An insult to women!

By Asher Hakantu

I wonder what is going on in the minds of women rights activists and all our women that saw the post newspaper of 21st February, 2014 with its disgusting pictures of nudity taken by post photo journalists Salim Dawood and Prince Chibawah (Fally Ipupa’s dancer & a patron joining JK on stage in Mansa respectively) supported by the editorial comment.

The two pictures exposing women’s underwear and exact positions of their private parts  are not only an insult to our women folk but reveal how morally rotten Fred M’membe and his post editorial team are.

How on earth can any sensible and professional editorial team sit and defend the inclusion of pictures of naked women in a daily tabloid and say issues of this nature are not about majority rule?

They sit and support this revulsion and abhorrence of the highest order and say it is not about six foxes and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner. So disgusting!

What nonsense is this that Fred M’membe and the post editorial team can today challenge the information minister, government and women rights activists and still get away with it?

Information Minister Mwansa Kapeya cautioned media houses to be sensitive on the pictures they include in the daily tabloids and other publications because they are not only read by adults but by our innocent children that unfortunately Fred M’membe is continuously corrupting by exposing the nakedness of our women.

Let us for once, as well meaning Zambians, put an end to this alien and nonsensical culture of willfully exposing women’s nakedness by those who are morally pigmies at the post newspaper claiming to be researchers of media ethics and accountability at the highest academic levels.

Fred M’membe and his post editorial team have taken professional and ethical standards of Journalism to the dogs to say the least! They are disregarding the Zambian culture and tradition with impunity for the sake of boosting sales of their ever dwindling popularity and sales.

It is not only immoral for all those involved in the publication of the pictures of naked women but it is so dehumanizing to our women folklore that week-in week-out their nakedness being exposed by Fred M’membe and his post newspaper.

The “Pornographic Pictures” are too explicit and must be condemned by all. No two ways about it.

Let us wait and see what the government, women rights activists and indeed Minister of Information, Mwansa Kapeya, will do especially now that Fred M’membe and the post have challenged them by saying such pictures will continue to appear in their newspaper until the source runs dry.

The use of careful judgment when organizing and reporting information (pictorial content in this case) as demanded by professional and ethical standards of journalism is totally absent at the post newspaper and reveals how rotten Fred M’membe and his editorial team are if they can defend such rubbish.

Asher Hakantu

Concerned Parent