Politics of benefits, old Munkombwe joins PF

File: Munkombwe (r) with ex-president Rupiah Banda

File: Munkombwe (r) with ex-president Rupiah Banda. Photo: Post

Old politician Daniel Munkombwe has formally resigned from opposition MMD and joined the ruling Patriotic Front – PF barely a year after loosing power.

Mukombwe who is on record of urging the people of Southern province where he hails from to belong to politics where they can benefit resigned on Tuesday. He led a few of some nonentities claiming to be from UPND in Choma, the current provincial capital of Southern province.

Announcing his resignation Mukombwe who has been in politics since per-Independence and has served all successive government says he wants to support President Michael Sata because he was advancing what First president Kenneth Kaunda did. Old and tired Munkombwe told pockets of the people that he had no reason not to support President Sata citing the taking over of Railways as one example of good leadership.

Munkombwe has been known to always want to work close with the government of the day. Despite his age he has always found his way into government. He served as Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President under Rupiah Banda’s administration. And he is one of those that supported Banda to go for another term when initially he had promised to only finish the two and half years left by late President Levy Mwanawasa.